Chemical Biology PhD Faculty and Students in the News

DNA base editing(Liu lab)

Scientists at Harvard University and the B

Amping Up Antibodies(Kruse lab)

It began with the proteins.

Mitochondrial proteome remodeling(Haigis Lab)

To initiate an immune response against pathogens, a small number of T cells within the polyclonal repertoire need to

Into Thin Air (Mootha Lab)

Could lower oxygen intake be used to prevent mitochondrial diseases from forming?

The Power of Three (Hao Wu)

The key to battling some cancers and autoimmune diseases may lie in an overlooked portion of immune cell 'death receptors.'

A cancer’s surprise origins, caught in action

Len Zon's team has visualized the origins of cancer from the first affected cell and watched its spread in a live animal.

Harnessing Chemical and Genomic Data to Fight Cancer(Schreiber)

Harnessing chemical and genomic data to fight cancer