Chemical Biology PhD Faculty and Students in the News

Cell Division, Minus the Cells(Mitchison)

Scientists assemble basic biological phenomenon from scratch

Toward Genetic Editing(Liu)

Scientists develop system that could treat a host of conditions

No Exit(King)

Two chemical inhibitors working together are better than either one alone for shutting down cell division.

Ants and Antifungals(Clardy & Bradner)

Bacteria that assist fungus-farming ants may be a source of new drugs

Viewing how neurons work (Cohen)

New tool allows researchers to stimulate neurons and observe their signals in real time

Strategy for Diabetes Treatment(Liu)

Newly discovered compound slows natural degradation of insulin in body

Step Forward on Stem Cells (Zon)

Progress on blood stem cell transplantation.

Lasering in on tumors (Xie)

New tool, which ‘sees’ diseased cells, may greatly boost accurate brain surgery

Target: New ways to battle disease (Schreiber)

Broad researchers tap human genome in hunt for effective medicines