Chemical Biology PhD Faculty and Students in the News

Step Forward on Stem Cells (Zon)

Progress on blood stem cell transplantation.

Lasering in on tumors (Xie)

New tool, which ‘sees’ diseased cells, may greatly boost accurate brain surgery

Target: New ways to battle disease (Schreiber)

Broad researchers tap human genome in hunt for effective medicines

New HHMI Investigators Announced

Chemical Biology faculty members Adam Cohen and Vamsi Mootha have been named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute invest

Splicing Slip-ups (Pam Silver)

Researchers have found that missteps in a basic cellular process, RNA splicing, is th

One cell is all you need (Sunney Xie)

The notion that police can identify a suspect based on the tiniest drop of blood or trace of tissue has long been a s

Evolutionary oomph (David Liu)

Scientists may soon be able to turn to one of the most powerful forces in biology — evolution — to help in their ques

Battling a bacterial threat (Suzanne Walker)

Michael Gilmore, who organized the Harvard-wide Program on Antibiotic Resistance and whose lab in May announced it ha