Vlad Denic

Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Harvard University
NorthWest Building, Room 445.30
52 Oxford Street
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-496-6381
Email: vdenic@mcb.harvard.edu


Lab Size: Fewer than 5


The Denic lab takes advantage of novel methodologies for studying large-scale genetic interactions in budding yeast as well as mass spectrometry-based characterization of natively-isolated protein complexes in order to identify the essential components required for several membrane-associated cellular processes. We then carry out targeted and systematic biochemical reconstitution strategies using the identified components in order to go from parts lists to functional and mechanistic insights.


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Schuldiner M.,* Metz J., Schmid V., Denic V.* et al. (2008). The Get Complex Mediates Insertion of Tail-Anchored Proteins into the ER. Cell; 134, 634-45 (*co-first author)

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