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Ahmed Badran

Fellow, Broad Institute

Advisor(s): David Liu
Dissertation Title: Advances in Phage-Assisted Continuous Evolution and Application to Overcoming Bioinsecticide Resistance

Craig Braun

Postdoc, Harvard Medical School

Advisor: Loren Walensky

Dissertation Title: Structural Characterization of BCL-2 Family Interactions Using Photoreactive Stapled Peptides and Mass Spectrometry

Alexandra Cantley

Scientist, Flagship Pioneering VentureLabs (VL47)

Advisor(s): Jon Clardy
Dissertation Title: Uncovering Bacterial Metabolites Involved in Eukaryotic Development

Jacob Carlson

Postdoc, UCSF

Advisor: David Liu

Dissertation Title: Continuous Directed Evolution of Enzymes with Novel Substrate Specificity

Alix Chan

Advisor(s): David Liu
Dissertation Title: Harnessing DNA-Encoded Libraries to Discover Bioactive Small Molecules

Grace Chen

Postdoc, Stanford University

Advisor: David Liu

Dissertation Title: The Discovery and Characterization of NAD-Linked RNA

Sixun Chen

Research Fellow, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

Advisor(s): Stuart Schreiber
Dissertation Title: The Study of NSD2 Biochemical and Biological Activity Through Small-Molecule Profiling of Cell Lines

James Cronican

Senior Director of Neuroscience Strategy, Takeda

Advisor: David Liu

Dissertation Title: Macromolecule Delivery into Mammalian Cells Using Supercharged Proteins.

Kevin Davis

Postdoc, University of Toronto

Advisor(s): David Liu
Dissertation Title: Directed Evolution and Engineering of CRISPR-Associated Nucleases

Samouil Farhi

Senior Scientist, Broad Institute

Advisor: Adam Cohen

Dissertation Title: All-optical Neurophysiology in the 1-photon Regime


Alexander Federation

Postdoc, University of Washington

Advisor(s): James Bradner
Dissertation Title: The Development of Chemical and Computational Tools to Study Transcriptional Regulation in Cancer.

Lisa Freinkman

Senior Research Scientist, Metabolon

Advisor: Dan Kahne

Dissertation Title: Assembly and Regulation of the lipopolysacchraide Transporter

Alexander George

Senior Analyst, Health Advances

Advisor(s): Daniel Kahne
Dissertation Title: Biophysical Studies of the Lpt Pathway

Miriam Ginzberg

Postdoc, Weizmann Institute

Advisor(s): Marc Kirschner
Dissertation Title: Size Control and Uniformity in Animal Cells.

Ilana Goldowitz

Founder, CropImmune

Advisor(s): Matthias Marti
Dissertation Title: Plasmodium’s Crossroads: Deciphering the Molecular Pathway That Leads to Malaria Transmission.

Marie Hollenhorst

Clinical Fellow in Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Advisor: Chris Walsh

Dissertation Title: Biosynthesis and Bioloigcal Activity of the Dapdiamide Antibiotics.

Hai-Tsang "Hubert" Huang

Advisor: Nathanael Gray

Dissertation Title: Exploring Novel Kinase Targets and Novel Pharmacology for Cancer Therapeutics

Cindy Jao

Scientist, Boston Biomedical Inc.

Advisor: Adrian Salic

Dissertation Title: Bioorthogonal Strategies to Image Nucleic Acids, Phospholipids and Sterols in Cells

Liv Johannessen

Scientist, Syros Pharmaceuticals

Advisor: Nathanael Gray
Dissertation Title: Drugging Transcription: Exploring Roles of CDK8 from Cancer to Immunity

Renee Kontik

Associate Principal Scientist, Merck

Advisor: Jon Clardy

Dissertation Title: Isolation and Characterization of Small Molecules Mediating Microbial Symbioses

Nitzan Koppel

Advisor: Emily Balskus
Dissertation Title: Characterization of a Widely Distributed Cardiac Durg-inactivating Enzyme from the Human Gut Bacterium Eggerthella Lenta

Marc Lajoie

Senior Research Fellow, University of Washington

Advisor(s): George Church
Dissertation Title: Genome Engineering Technologies to Change the Genetic Code

Pulin Li

Postdoc, California Institute of Technology

Advisor: Len Zon

Dissertation Title: Chemical Genetics of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation

Alvin Lu

Associate Scientist, Ribon Therapeutics

Advisor: Hao Wu
Dissertation Title: Assembly and Regulation of the Inflammasome Governed by a Unified Polymerization Mechanism

Sarah Mahlstedt

Director of Peritoneal Dialysis, DaVita Healthcare

Advisor: Chris T. Walsh

Dissertation Title: Novel Routing of Prephanate to Natural Products

Leigh Matano

Postdoc, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Advisor: Suzanne Walker
Dissertation Title: Accelerating the Discovery of Antibacterial Compounds to Validate Drug Targets and Probe Cell Physiology of Staphylococcus aureus

Erin May

Technology Specialist, Clark+Elbing

Advisor(s): Gregory Verdine
Dissertation Title: Lessons from Cyclosporine A: Structural Determinants of Conformation-Switching and Passive Membrane Penetration.

Lynn McGregor

Investigator, Novartis

Advisor(s): David Liu
Dissertation Title: Methods for the Identification of Ligand-Target Pairs from Combined Libraries of Targets and Ligands

Michael McKeown

Investigator II, Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research

Advisor(s): James Bradner
Dissertation Title: Chemical Probes and the Exploration of Bromodomains in Cancer Biology

Joshua Mosberg

Healthcare Investor at Surveyor Capital

Advisor: George Church

Dissertation Title: Studying and Improving Lambad Red Recombination for Genome Engineering in escherichia coli

Phuong Anh Nguyen

Postdoc, Amgen

Advisor(s): Timothy Mitchison
Dissertation Title: Spatial Organizing Principles of Cytokinesis Signaling.

Joshiawa Paulk

Research Investigator II, Novartis

Advisor(s): Stuart Schreiber
Dissertation Title: Modulators of Cellular and Biochemical PRC2 Activity

Sun Peck

Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania

Advisor: David Liu

Dissertation Title: Directed Evolution of Inteins and Protein-protein Interfaces

Steven Poynter

Staff Scientist, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

Advisors: Stuart Schreiber & Cigall Kadoch
Dissertation Title: Structural and Functional Insights Into Mammalian SWI/SNF Complex Misassembly in Oncogenesis

Yuan Qiao

Scientist, MERL, A*Star Singapore

Advisor(s): Daniel Kahne & Suzanne Walker
Dissertation Title: Reconstitution of the Final Step of Peptidoglycan Assembly in Staphylococcus aureus

Elizabeth Ransey

Postdoc, Duke University

Advisor: Piotr Sliz
Dissertation Title: Mechanistic and Functional Studies of RNA Processing Pathway Components

Timothy Roth

Advisor: David Liu

Dissertation Title: Phage Assisted Evolutions for Engineering Biosynthetic Pathways


John SantaMaria

Research Scientist, Nference

Advisor(s): Suzanne Walker
Dissertation Title: Investigating Synthetic Lethal Interactions with the Wall Teichoic Acid Pathway of Staphylococcus aureus

Marina Santiago

Research Scientist, Finch Therapeutics

Advisor(s): Suzanne Walker
Dissertation Title: New Genomics Tools and Strategies for Studying Antibiotics and Antibiotic-resistance in Staphylococcus aureus

Katharin Shaw

Advisor(s): James Bradner
Dissertation Title: Chemical Biology Platform to Develop Small Molecule Probes for Bromodomains

Angela She

R&D Strategist, Kintai Therapeutics

Advisor: Stephen Haggarty

Dissertation Title: Chemical Neurobiology of Progranulin-Deficient Frontotemporal Dementia

Kenneth Skinner

Fellow, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Advisor(s): Rachelle Gaudet
Dissertation Title: Identifying Druggable Sites in the Pain-sensing TRPA1 Ion Channel

Pia Sorensen

Preceptor in Science and Cooking, Harvard University

Advisor: Ulrike Eggert

Dissertation Title: Understanding the Mechanism of Cucurbitacin

Alison Stewart

Consultant, Health Advances

Advisor: Stuart Schreiber

Dissertation Title: Small Molecule Screening of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Bone Marrow Niche

Laura Stone

Head of Assay Development, Ginkgo Bioworks

Advisor(s): Roy Kishony
Dissertation Title: Drugs That Thwart Antibiotic Resistance

Laura Strittmatter

Senior Associate at MP Healthcare Venture Management

Advisor(s): Vamsi Mootha
Dissertation Title: Linking Human Genetic Variation to Mitochondrial Metabolism

Justin Tan

Junior Principal Investigator/Innovation Fellow, Genomic Institute of Singapore

Advisor(s): Len Zon
Dissertation Title: The Role of HEXIM1 in the Transcriptional Regulation of Neural Crest Differentiation and Melanoma

Ruiqi Wang

COO, d'Optron Pte Ltd.

Advisor: Thomas Walz

Dissertation Title: Monolayer Purification and Affinity Grid for Single-Particle Electron Microscopy

Samantha Wellington

Postdoc, Univ. of Washington

Advisor: Deb Hung
Dissertation Title: Identifying New Probes of Essential Targets in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Jing Zhang

Licensing Associate, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Advisor: Tom Roberts

Dissertation Title: CRKL is an important regulator of PI3K signaling in PTEN-deficient tumors.