News in 2012


Sensing Sound with a Molecular Handshake (Rachelle Gaudet)

The vertebrate inner ear is in charge of transforming mechanical stimuli from sound and head movement into electrical

Strategies Converge on Target in Rare Leukemia

For most cells, more than two copies of the entire genome can be a telltale sign of cancer.

New Insight Gained in Cell Division

Research at Harvard Medical School sheds new light on how chromosomes move apart during cell division, a delicate man

How Do Bacteria Handle Mixed Signals? With Surprising Simplicity

Mixed signals can be confusing, as the Beatles’ refrain has it. But when the signals come from antibiotic drug combinations, cells react in surprisingly simple way.

Rapid Detection of Resistant Tuberculosis, Other Pathogens on the Horizon

 For patients with infectious diseases like tuberculosis, timing is critical.