News in 2011


Guiding Lights

In a scientific first that could shed light on how signals travel in the brain and the effects of learning on neural

Imaging Instruction

Though it was quickly adopted by the scientific community, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and of Physics

Bacterial Genes Tell the Tale of an Outbreak’s Evolution

Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital Boston have retraced the evolution of an unusual bacter

Tracing Biological Pathways

A new chemical process developed by a team of Harvard researchers may increase the utility of positron emission tomog

Initiative Challenges Drug Crisis

Taking aim at the alarming slowdown in the development of new and lifesaving drugs, Harvard Medical School (HMS) is l

How to Shuck a Specialized Chaperone

Eukaryotic cells target a large fraction of proteins synthesized in the cytosol to a number of different intracellula

MCB's Rachelle Gaudet Receives Tenure

 The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology is pleased to announce that Associate Professor Rachelle Gaudet has

Speeding Up Biomolecular Evolution

Scientists at Harvard University have harnessed the prowess of fast-replicating bacterial viruses, also known as phag